The Happy Goat

by Tough on Tobacco

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released 19 November 2009




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Track Name: Voices in my head
Oh I’m lying on the side of my bed
Listening to the voices in my head
Trying to figure out what they said

I listen to the voices in my head
Walking down a street or lying in bed
Oh, do I have an option (No you don’t)

I pull out my phone and start to sing
A couple of words and a couple of things
That sound like <<<>>


They come to me just about everywhere
I could say “shhh” but they don’t care
My babies out in motion

I got a lot of things to say I swear
So many I hide and so many I spare
Still, I don’t like instrumentals


They’re never gonna stop I pray
What would I be if I wasn’t this way
I’m gonna get em out
Any which way I can

That’s the plan (2)

Track Name: Already told you
I’m sick and tired of all your little queries in the day
Sometimes I wish you would just go away
I feel a little chill coming over me today
So just stay away, just stay away

I’m running out of things to say to pacify your rage
Every other day it’s the same, it’s the same
Oh how could you expect me to be on the same
Page, page

I’ve already told you
It’s going the way you want it to
I’ve already told you
It’s all arranged, what’s wrong with you?
I’ve already told you,
Must I really tell you again?
I’ve already told you
So stop, stop, go away

I’m trying to get a little occupational
Every little step of the way you butt in
And if you’re gonna keep me bothered it’s a shame
Its lame, this game

I wouldn’t be admitting it on any other day
But for today, you’re in my way
It’s really just the only thing that isn’t all ok
Taking the long way around just to say


No stay
Quit talking that way, its ok
It’s all going the way you want it to,
So what is wrong with you?
Must I tell you again?

Track Name: Concert piano
Concert piano, you’re bringing me down

I don’t know how to play you
I don’t know how to feel like I should
I don’t know how to make you sound any good, could,
Would you please?

Concert piano, you’re bringing me down (2)

I wish I could remember
The treble with the bass cleft, what?
I couldn’t ever keep my hands straight on you


I think I’m gonna stay with you,
Technology … there’s nothing wrong with that
I’m gonna have to slave for you
My symphony

I could learn to play you
Now where’s the fun in that?
When I can just play you, thanks to multi-track
Just like that

Concert piano, I’ve figured you out (2)
Track Name: Consuella
Making up, is it all it seems to be
Wasting up, is it all it needs to be

Heading off on a rollercoaster
Heading off on a roller coaster ride (2)

You/You’ve gotta know (3)


Made it up, is it all it needs to be
Wasted up, is it all it seems to be


I made it up, and its all it needs to be
I waste it up, and its all it seems to be

Track Name: Don't leave me behind
I walk an empty road
Desperation in my voice

I walk an open road
If you follow it’s your choice

Would you throw it away?
I could imagine

Your troubled times have gone
I’ve only got my foot in the door
It’s only just begun
In the end we’ll have much more

Would you throw it away?
I could imagine
You up on the mountains too
A bird in hand is it worth too much to you

Don’t leave me behind and go
Don’t leave me behind and walk right out on me
Don’t leave me behind and go
I know, its tempting you

I take an awful lot
But I can’t take anymore

I’m taking what we got
But I’d like to have much more

Would you throw it away?
I could imagine
You up on the mountains too
A bird in hand is it worth too much to you



Track Name: Forest of doom
I woke up in a forest of doom (3)
When I ate myself a shroom

Traffic moves in the slowest lane
My taxi feels like an aeroplane
And I hate myself
When I ate myself a shroom

Wounded soldiers and burning flames
My mind’s off playing battle games
And I hate myself
When I ate myself a shroom


The years gone past in my little life
Staring down the barrel of a carving knife
And I beat myself
When I eat myself a shroom

A macho, mal-nutritioned, overfed, wimp, clever fool
I’m everything I am and absolutely nothing to
I’m positively certain that I’d never do it again
Eat a shroom


Cellophane something and marshmallows too
A gathering of insects in the sky with Lucy, do you remember me?
Lucy, sweet strange lady friend me

Oh why oh why
Did I have to try this?
Don’t I know it better as I age? (1-2-3-28)

High so high
I swear I’d never try this
Never, never
But it’s too late
‘Coz I ate
A shroom

Track Name: Happy
I wanted to tell you
The world as I see
Is just as exciting
As it’s made out to be

I seek out your wisdom
It seems only right
‘Coz I’ve found the meaning of life
So come along for the ride

I’m happy

The secret is simple
All you need is belief
Think positively, then only will you see
That’s all you need from me

The crossroads are many
Take whichever you feel
And then when you can see, just what you wanna be
You’ll sing it just like me


There’s not much you gotta do
Find a little something to hold on to
You fix what you can and for what you cannot
Just get on with what you do
And enjoy it
Like I do
So contented
And I’ll sing for you

Track Name: Taxi Song
Taxi Song

Verse Repeater
I don’t wanna drive (2)
I don’t wanna get behind the wheel when I’m high

I don’t wanna drive (2)
I don’t wanna get behind the wheel when I can’t drive

I’m at the bar and I’m having fun
Drinks and friends abound
I’d like to see ‘em here tomorrow
For another round

Who’s gonna drive me home
When I’m eight drinks down
I’m calling in a professional
I won’t drive back from town

Mr. Taxi guy
That’s what you’re here for (2)
Mr. Taxi guy
Coz I don’t wanna

Verse Repeater

Drive me home Mr.Taxi guy
Reach me safe and sound
I’m tanking up on whatever I like
And I’ll still be around

Drive me home Mr.Taxi guy
Reach me to my door
My car will stay right where I left it
And I won’t run over no poor


Verse Repeater

Track Name: Tough on tobacco
We’re tough on tobacco
You shouldn’t be
We’re way too addicted
To that sweet, sweet nicotine

It’s hard to keep from it
If you’re on it now
But the many generations to come
Need to give it up somehow

I’m not going to lie to you
It feels really good
But that’s the point exactly
It’s not something that should

Why throw away lifetimes
When we know it causes harm
There are way better things to grow up north
On tobacco farms

We’re tough on tobacco
Tough on tobacco

And what’s with all the other shit?
They pack into a cigarette … Tar
I don’t wanna smoke no tar
That’s to keep the leaks out when it rains too hard

Speaking of rain, it’s hard to smoke out in the rain
Just those few months of smoking less
The minutes I have gained

As people we’re stupid
We latch on to a vice
But if we kill the choice, then years from now
We’ll have 1 less way to die

It’s not cool to smoke you know
That ship has long sailed
So stop before you start
And we won’t fail


Skip the addiction (3)
We were not that smart

Skip the addiction (3)
Stop before you start

Track Name: Wait till the night's out
Women come in different shapes and sizes,
When you see ‘em, your instrument rises
Up and soars
Where this goes you don’t know

You’d like to probe but is it worth deciding,
In a second you could be up and riding
Off into oblivion
You are back to being a simian

You don’t wait till the night’s out
When the night’s out you will know

Had your fun in the years you gone riding
A lot of conquests that fill up your pride and
Yet you are alone
Sitting home and watching porn

Question this, have you ever looked around you
The angel ones that you want all avoid you
You gotta ask yourself
Is it me or something else?


Hey, keep the snake in your trousers
Till you’ve spent a little while
Trying to read each other’s styles

Hey, try a conversation this time
Does everybody like it in the dark?